“Far too often, physical and mental wellness is an afterthought. We are dedicated to ensuring that the quality of our products is at the core of product development. We are further dedicating ourselves to the wellness of the community by contributing to those most in need.” – Christopher Strk, COO.

Gotham will be donating 1% of net profits to The Association for Mental Health and Wellness (http://mhaw.org/).


“Education is the cornerstone of our future; it’s the great equalizer of our communities. We remain committed to supporting efforts from amazing organizations that work to ensure every child has access to available opportunities.” – Dr. Michael Koschitz, CEO.

Gotham will be donating 1% of net profits toThe Partnership for After School Education (https://pasesetter.com).


“It’s often said but too frequently forgotten – we only get one Earth. We have to take all measures available to ensure we address known problems and break the cycle of handing it off to the next generation. We remain committed to maintaining the highest standards to limit our environmental impact, and look forward to supporting Grow NYC which is addressing this significant challenge in a community-focused way.” – James Justice, CBDO.

Gotham will be donating 1% of net profits to Grow NYC

Disparate Justice

“It’s high time to correct the racial and socio-economic disparities in our criminal justice system. The MRTA was a great first step; now we need to move forward with carrying out the spirit of the law. We are committed to supporting the cause.”

Gotham will be donating 1% of net profits to The Last Prisoner Project. In the event The Last Prisoner Project completes its goals, the 1% net profits will be split as donations between Nassau and Suffolk Legal Aid Services.

The BUDS Initiative

Building Urban Development Strategies

Gotham will be donating 1% of net profits to a rotating recipient list of timely charities, with a focus on providing equitable infrastructure and community-focused initiatives in historically underserved communities.  Taking sharp aim at the systemic problems detailed above, Gotham will be an active participant in ensuring members of these communities have access to necessary resources.