Hampton Bliss – Our premium brand of cannabis; imagine sitting on an Adirondack chair as the sun sets over the ocean on another beautiful sunny day. You have nowhere to be and not a care in the world, some would call it bliss.


Our pre-rolls come four to a pack and come in indica, sativa and hybrid. The tips are hand coned so that first drag you take is just as perfect as the last. Perfect for a casual smoke while on a walk or lounging by the beach. Easy to carry around as well so you are always prepared.

Premium Flower

Cannabis flower never goes out of style. Our cannabis experts pick out the most exotic, smoothest strains for our Hampton Bliss flower. Packaged in a convenient jar so it stays fresh our flower will be some of the best you’ve ever had.

Single Use Vape Pen

What could be easier than the single use vape pen. No need to refill cartridges just use and discard. We use the best strains for pressing so the rosin is smooth and never clogs.

Gummies and Edibles

Of course if you don’t feel like “smoking” or just want a different experience you can choose our gummies and edibles. Our team has tested different chocolates, gummies and all types of ingredients to get the best tasting gummies and edibles (not like the brownies your cousin used to make)