Investor FAQ

Investor FAQ2022-07-14T13:03:53+00:00
Where can I find yearly/monthly earnings reports or financial statements/projections2022-07-14T13:29:04+00:00

As a private company, Gotham is not required to file periodic earnings reports.  For the latest projections, please submit an investor inquiry to Dan Johnston at

Where can I find Gotham’s investor presentation2022-07-14T13:28:01+00:00

Please see the tab:

Where is Gotham incorporated2022-07-14T13:27:14+00:00

Gotham and all of its related or affiliated companies are proudly incorporated in the State of New York.

Who makes up Gotham’s Executive Management Team and Board of Advisors2022-07-14T13:26:39+00:00

Leadership Team –

Board of Advisors –

Where can I get the latest Corporate news releases on Gotham2022-07-14T13:25:06+00:00

Please see the tab:

Where are the Corporate Headquarters located2022-07-14T13:23:51+00:00

Hauppauge, NY.

Who Do I Contact For More Information2022-07-14T13:22:09+00:00

For more information, please contact Dan Johnston at


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