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Services Overview

As a GMP compliant manufacturer located in Hauppauge, New York, Gotham is uniquely positioned for an immediate transition into the NYS cannabis market once licensing becomes available.

Our current facility has an in house R&D laboratory, water and air purification and security with real time room and temperature monitoring logs. We are fully equipped with pre-roll machines, industrial grinders, bag fillers, calibrated scales and pharmaceutical labelers.

With ever expanding manufacturing operations we are consistently growing our processing capacity. Our current manufacturing capacity is as follows:

Flower: 1,250 pounds (weighed and packaged)

Extracts: Solvent based extraction: 25 kgs + Solventless extraction: 20 kg

Pre-Rolls: 5,000 pre-rolls (filled and packaged)

Edibles – Gummy and/or Hard Candy: 5,000 pieces

Vape – Cartridge Filling: 1,250 cartridges + 750 disposables

Private Label Services

Start a brand or expand one with our proven top products. Take advantage of the hours of research and development by our experts that developed these wonderful products. (Pre-rolls, Vape cartridges, Tinctures, Edibles)

Some of the advantages of private label are:

  • Lower Minimum Orders
  • Start much faster
  • Minimal risk, with new product development comes great risk.

Custom Formulation

Our experienced team will work with you to develop a unique concept for your brand, the options are limitless! Create a new brand, a new product delivery system and custom packaging.


We can advise your business and help create all types of packaging, single serving, multiple serving and master packs are a few examples. We will also ensure that the packaging is compliant with the ever changing regulatory NYS landscape.


Gotham Growth can yield a variety of different types of extracts, high yield and high quality.

We can do:

Hot and cold extractions

Solvents and Solvent-less


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